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Ceramic Pro vs. Gtechniq

There are many different ceramic technologies that have come onto the market within the past few years. Some have similar qualities and focus on the same protections for your vehicle, but there are a few differences between products that could make one the better decision for your vehicle over the other. Ceramic Pro and Gtechniq are a couple of the brands that are frequently compared and while they are fairly similar they do have  distinct differences.

When looking at their protection features that is where they are quite similar. They both have high performance protection against UV damage, swirls/scratches, environmental contaminants and are extremely hydrophobic. These properties not only make your vehicle cleaner on a consistent basis but your vehicle will also be easier to clean as well. They also help to improve the gloss of your topcoat.

However, their biggest difference is the fact that Ceramic Pro stands behind their product 100% by providing their Gold Package with a lifetime warranty. This is matched by none of their competitors including Gtechniq. Regardless of some similarities in protective qualities, it’s hard to judge what the longevity of other brands are if they aren’t providing lifetime warranties like Ceramic Pro is. Ceramic Pro also comes with an extremely supportive community and impeccable reputation, which they have earned since their conception. This community and warranty that comes with Ceramic Pro doesn’t exist with any of their competitors, which can make the difference in knowing which brand you can ultimately trust.