Self-Healing Clear Bra Film?

Ok, so you’ve gone through all the steps of looking into the benefits of getting clear bra or paint protective film (PPF). However, there’s one claim that makes you wonder whether this level of protection is too good to be true. Let’s be honest, we’ve all wondered whether the self-healing feature of clear bra is fact or fiction. Without looking it up and watching a video, it’s definitely easy to doubt whether plastic really has the ability to heal itself. Well, as crazy as it sounds it’s actually TRUE.

We only use the most advanced clear bra products on the market, all made to specifically target the diverse needs of our customers. These products are an incredibly clear, polyurethane, invisible film. This means that we are using the most advanced technology to protect your vehicle. This film not only provides an extra level of protection to your vehicle, but it’s also  8mm thick and CAN self-heal. You’re still wondering how? All the PPF needs is heat.

That’s right. This hot San Diego sun can help ensure your clear bra is looking as good as new. Once heat is applied to the affected or “damaged” area the plastic corrects the damage by expanding where it’s depleted. As a vehicle owner that actually likes to use their vehicle you will no longer have to worry about rock chips, swirls or scratches.

If your priority is to protect your paint from potential damage and make sure  your investment is protected, this is the right product for you. Gone are the days where you have to choose between your vehicle looking like new and top tier protection. With our experienced auto detailing professionals we can make sure you’re getting the quality protection your vehicle deserves.

Xpel clear bra film on blue BMW M2 driving on a race track.