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The Critical Component of Interior Detailing

There are so many products that help protect the outside of your vehicle but what about the inside? The leather, textile and plastic take a great deal of wear and tear. Yet, usually when they’ve been abused enough, the only option to correct them is to replace the surface. This is no longer the case. Ceramic Pro now has products that are designed specifically to help ensure the longevity or your leather, textile, or plastic surface. Interior protection is now the new interior detailing!

Interior image of Mercedes that received interior detailing by 5 Point Auto Spa in Carlsbad, CA.Ceramic Pro Textile is a spray on application without odor. It is made to create a protective surface layer that repels stains and UV rays, no matter the thread count. That means that this spray can protect all textiles even suede, so that when liquids come in contact with the surface, the beads will simply roll off. The same happens with Ceramic Pro Leather. While Ceramic Pro has other products for treated leather, this product is used to help protect untreated leathers. It helps to keep the leather soft, durable, easy to clean, sharp, and is as always hydrophobic. Even more, Ceramic Pro Plastic has all of these same protective qualities.

All of these products not only help to protect your vehicle’s surfaces, but they can protect any of your textile, leather or plastic surfaces. This means you can now protect chairs, couches, shoes, purses and everything in between. Now you can protect all of those surfaces that you didn’t think could be protected, your favorite suede shoes, leather wallet and car seats. Not only are all of your vehicle’s surfaces protected from the wear and tear of normal use, but now your favorite everyday items can be safe for use as well. Why not just protect it all? Call us today for a free quote.