Paint Swirls. What Causes them?

We make it a point to perform auto paint correction to minimize paint damage prior to applying protective coatings or films. Luckily there are many things that we can do to help your topcoat look like new before we move on to protection, but there is something that we see plaguing more cars than others. Swirls on the paint’s surface is the most common damage we see in our shop and a big reason for that is because owners don’t even know it’s there.

Red Toyota Tundra receiving auto paint correction by an auto detailing technician at 5 Point Auto Spa.

That being said, of those who know it’s there many still don’t know how to prevent them from happening. Swirl marks are fine scratches on the paint’s surface. That’s why no matter how well you wash your car they don’t go away. A lot of times they’re caused by wiping your vehicle with a dry towel, But what a lot of people don’t realize is that they are much more likely to happen when your vehicle has dust on the surface. Wiping the dust around on your vehicle’s surface creates marring on the topcoat.

A great fix to this is just to keep your car clean, or wash it often. But there are other ways to make sure these marks don’t happen at all. Adding an extra layer of protection that prevents particles from adhering to your vehicle’s surface helps prevent swirls. By getting auto paint correction and a treatment like Ceramic Pro, these micro-particles and contaminants won’t stick to your surface at all and washing your car takes as little as using some water. Don’t let the environment defeat your topcoat, do what you can to protect it by getting treatments like Ceramic Pro or Clear Bra to protect your vehicle.

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