Clear Bra vs. Vinyl Wraps

A common misconception is that all vehicle wraps are not the same. When it comes to comparing different films for your vehicle, the reality is that they are both used for drastically different reasons. While they both provide at least some sort of protective layer for your vehicle, only one is made with the intention of protecting you against rock chips and other damaging debris that may hit your vehicle.

Grey vehicle with matte vinyl wrap installed by 5 Point Auto Spa: Auto Detailing, Ceramic Pro, Vinyl Wraps and Window Tinting.

Clear Bra is a polyurethane clear compound, which is made specifically to protect your vehicle from the damage of driving it. Because it’s made specifically for protection it only comes in two clear options, glossy and matte. This is extremely different in comparison to the use of Vinyl Wraps. Vinyl Wraps are meant for those who are looking for a completely different look all together. It is cheaper than a custom paint job but that depends on how elaborate the graphics are. While Clear Bra doesn’t change the look of your vehicle and is meant for protection, it is commonly only applied to the front half of the car. In comparison a Vinyl Wrap because of the change in design will almost always cover the entire vehicle.

Both clear bra and vinyl wrap are fantastic options and should be installed by trained professionals. Even though both are considered to be a film that covers ones vehicle they serve entirely different purposes. Both can be removed without damaging the vehicle but if you’re looking to change your look, then a Vinyl Wrap is the right choice. If you’re specifically looking for protection against debris then you’re looking for Clear Bra. Either way, they both pair very well with Ceramic Pro, which helps greatly with maintenance and protection.

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