Auto Detailing Oceanside CA Packages


Auto Detailing Oceanside CA

5 Point Auto Spa is Ceramic Pro North County. We live and breathe auto detailing. We know how important your car is to you and that’s why we take great pride in providing the highest quality services North County has to offer. When it comes to auto detailing Oceanside CA, our trained staff are experts. Detailing is a great way to maintain the value of your vehicle and keep it looking its best. Each member of our staff takes great pride in providing you with the highest quality service and we only use the best products in the industry. With several locations over San Diego, auto detailing has become our bread and butter servicing thousands of vehicles over the years. If you love your car and want to keep it looking its best, then we have a detail package that’s right for you.

At Ceramic Pro North County, we want all our customers to feel like family. Our expert staff will treat your vehicle like it was one of our own with close attention to each detail making sure that when we’re done with it, you’ll feel like you’re driving a brand new car. Auto detailing is an art form and here at 5 Point Auto Spa in Carlsbad, each of our expert technicians share the love and passion for auto detailing. Our detail packages range from exterior touch-up that will give your car a thorough hand car wash to our Exterior Concourse Correction package that will remove swirling and marring from your vehicle’s paint giving you a fresh new car that feels like you drove it right off the lot. Find out more about our detail packages below.

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Exterior Touch Up

Our Exterior Touch Up will give you a fresh looking new car with a thorough exterior car wash, deep cleaning of wheels, windows and tire shine.

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Clay and Polish

Our Clay and Polish package uses the clay bar technique to remove decontaminates from your vehicle’s paint. It includes a thorough wash and deep clean, clay bar and paint polish with a single stage paint correction.

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Paint Correction

Our paint correction package is an excellent option to get your paint looking fresh prior to adding a Ceramic Pro or Clear Bra to add paint protection. This package includes exterior clay bar, compound polishing, wash line removal, micro marring and swirl removal, wheel and tire detail and shine.

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Concourse Correction

Our Concourse Correction package will get your paint looking as good as new removing all defects. It includes a thorough exterior car wash, clay bar and polish, compound and wet sand if needs to get your paint looking flawless as well as a wheel and tire detail.

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Interior Detail

Our Interior Detail package will get the inside of your vehicle looking and smelling as good as new. It includes a thorough wipe down of the entire interior including plastics and cup holders and an interior vacuum.

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