Ceramic Pro Sport vs. Wax

Waxing a car is essentially the same process that has existed for decades, it’s an extremely high maintenance way of caring for your vehicle. Every few weeks after washing your vehicle, you must take the time to apply wax properly in hopes that it will protect your car. Why put yourself through that if there’s a way with proven advanced nanotechnology to help repel dirt and UV rays from your vehicle, giving it the glossiest shine possible? To many people wax is dead, and not just because of the effort. Wax not only creates a much softer surface than ceramic coatings but it also doesn’t handle the elements like a ceramic coating does.

Red Toyota Tundra truck protected with Ceramic Pro Sport paint protection.

Now, one might wonder, even if I don’t have a ceramic coating, is there a product out there that will work on my vehicle to give it the same protection? That answer is YES. Ceramic Pro Sport can provide the same hydrophobic, reliable surface protection even if you don’t have the ceramic coating. The ceramic coating still provides much more protection than just using Ceramic Pro Sport, but using Ceramic Pro Sport can help to give you some of the amazing benefits. Even if you do have the ceramic coating, Ceramic Pro Sport can help to maintain the ceramic over the years. One of the best benefits is it’s easy to apply, no more slaving over waxing your car for minor benefits. Make sure you use a product that will provide protection and actually improve the appearance of your vehicle.

Let’s take a look at exactly what it does for your car. It’s hydrophobic, which means that water is repelled from your vehicle. This helps to prevent water spotting and creates a self-cleaning effect that makes your car easier to clean and stay clean. Dirt and debris will attach to wax whereas it won’t to Ceramic Pro Sport because it creates a harder finish. This ensures that the clinging dirt won’t then scratch your car continuing to ruin the topcoat. Ceramic Pro Sport also repels UV rays and chemicals, which help to elongate the life of your paint and therefore help you’re resale value. On top of everything else the high gloss finish makes your forget all about how nice you though the wax could make your car look. Wax is dead. You can see the proof for yourself by using Ceramic Pro Sport, when you can use this product as scarcely as every two months with all the added benefits, why would you go back?

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