What is Ceramic Coating?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could wash your car and have it look like you just drove it off the dealership lot? That’s what a ceramic coating can do for your car. Ceramic coating uses nanoparticles to fill the smallest pores in the paint on your vehicle which at least doubles the hardness, creating a durable glass layer of protection on your vehicle. Normal clear coats can’t protect your vehicle from all of the elements that it faces every day. Whether it be harsh environments, UV rays, or even just the garage life, a ceramic coating can help to ensure the life of the exterior of your car, which can allow you peace of mind.

By adhering to the clear coat this new glass shield helps to provide protection from minor scratches, UV rays, oxidation, corrosion, and all sorts of environmental factors. This creates the glossy, smooth, like new exterior that every car owner loves to see. Even better is that there are products that can also be applied to the inside of your vehicle and now everything is protected. However, protection isn’t the only benefit to getting a ceramic coating on your car. First off, it’s low maintenance! There are ways and products to help maintain its glossy finish if you’re worried, but the ceramic coating is meant to replace waxing and all of the difficulties that can come with keeping your car clean. It’s much less labor intensive and needs less attention.

Next, it’s a great investment because the interior and exterior are no longer deteriorating, which means less depreciation. When buying something as expensive as a car, one of the hardest factors is knowing that as soon as you drive it off the lot it depreciates greatly. When using a ceramic coating you don’t have to worry about that nearly as much because it will always look amazing. One of the ways that your topcoat will keep that mirror effect that you want is the hydrophobic effect that comes with using a ceramic coating. The products ability to repel water allows your car to genuinely be cleaned without the worry of leftover residue or water spots. Getting a ceramic treatment on your vehicle is the perfect way to stop worrying about upkeep. All you have to worry about is where you’re going next.

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