Xpel Ultimate Plus vs 3M

Paint Protection Film (or Clear Bra) products provide the most comprehensive protection for what we face out there on the road. We offer a few different types of Clear Bra products here at 5 Point Auto Spa. When looking at the differences they all offer various levels of protection. XPEL Ultimate Plus and 3M are two that frequently get compared to each other. Essentially, there are always differences between products but there are also multiple similarities. Let’s take a look:

The first being that they all offer high level performance protection from rock chips, scratches, UV damage, chemical stains and other environmental factors. While it is impossible for any film to protect you from everything, Paint Protection Films are going to be about as close as it gets to that ultimate protection. The next benefit is that they are both clear after installation. What’s not to like about that, right? Previous versions of PPF’s would yellow over time due to UV exposure, but that is a thing of the past with current technology.

The differences lie mainly in the company’s developments. XPEL has taken the time to develop their product impeccably and they have garnered a fantastic reputation and following because of it. They also are deemed “The World’s First Self-Healing Film”, which only goes further to prove that they are constantly pushing forward to come up with the best in PPF technology. XPEL also provides a 10-year warranty for their product while 3M only comes with a 7 year warranty. When it comes down to which product you would want protecting your vehicle, wouldn’t you want to go with a company that stands by their product a full 3 years longer than their competitor? Especially when they have the reputation to back it up!

Grey Ford truck parked outside 5 Point Auto Spa in Carlsbad, CA after just receiving an Xpel Ultimate Plus Clear Bra Package.
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